Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Portrait of a Self-Portrait

I think one of the hardest things one can draw is a self portrait because no matter how many attempts you make at drawing yourself, I don't think anyone is ever satisfied with the end result. Plus, if you make yourself too attractive, people may think you have a large ego, but if you make yourself less attractive people may think you have low self esteem. It takes a lot to look in the mirror and be brutally honest with yourself...and a self portrait forces you to. So here are three (well they are actually the same image) but the first is just a pencil sketch, the second is inked in and the third has color.


  1. don't have that many freckles, do you? and wow, long neck. :) makes you look taller hehe.

  2. I actually do have a lot...they just aren't that dark!

  3. Very good try, but it is hard for me to give an opinion since I dont know what you look like:)

    Keep on going!!