Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Those Dancing Days

I have a music blog it's called TheMusicGeek and it's address is:


Anyways Those Dancing Days are a band I've followed for awhile, some of my earliest blog entries were about their music. I really liked drawing them because they have really unique styles (and you gotta love Linnea Jonsson's hair!!! It is quite awesome and as a girl with curly hair myself I give her props for going all out!).

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Buffalo City Hall...

I tried...you see Buffalo City Hall is the greatest architectural masterpiece in my city, there are actually a lot of great older buildings in Buffalo but sadly many of them are abandoned. I think I'm going to try to draw some of the older churches around town next time.

More Attempts at Fashion Spreads

This time I decided to create clothes I may actually wear for once. I really do like the red jacket/mini skirt/ black and white striped shirt combo...

I guess I just have clothes on the brain, I kinda went a bit overboard a couple days ago with shopping...I hadn't been to a mall in 6 months and I don't celebrate "the holidays" and I dropped 60 on a dress at urban outfitters as well as 50 on a skirt, jacket and necklaces at forever21...I don't regret it haha.

Number 19

I was going for more of a "retro" look I really dig old pictures of Marilyn Monroe and other old 50s Hollywood actresses, but I think I'm gonna try for something a bit "sexier" next time. I was really just playing around with face shape in this one.