Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo Shoot

This Sunday I just went out with my really cheap camera (it's a Kodak Easy Share Z730 if you were wondering) and just decided to snap a few photos of a late February afternoon. I was really struck by the bare beauty of the leafless trees against the stark blue sky. I really don't have much experience with photography, I do have an old Nikon SLR (it takes film) and I am struggling to learn how to use it but by no means am I an experienced photographer...although I may post some older photos up in the future from my archive (I have tons).


  1. oh! this are just wonderful!!! i especially love the second one! there's just a peaceful quality to it. like... i can picture myself watching this scene from a window in a nice little cabin with some hot coco in my hand. =^__^=
    i also like the train track one...
    great job!