Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Delve into Abstraction

Lately my thoughts have tormented me (don't pigeon hole me as the troubled artist yet though). I have just been very dissatisfied with my current situation life wise, and am itching to break free of this environmental prison. I feel stifled and isolated, which isn't really new to me, but when I was in middle school and high school so I could "comfort" and quell these thoughts by just telling myself that when I reach university I'll be able to leave. And I did leave, and it was wonderful...but now I'm back and I'm 20. I have grown more and more attracted to abstract art because of my restlessness. This is my first attempt, I think I may try water colors next time, but I don't have very much experience with painting so that will be an adventure...


  1. I love the colors, sometimes it is healthy to take a break and just experience with different mediums even if it is abstract. It is great exercise for your hand and mind. Em:)

  2. i like the colors. very pretty.